COVID-19 UPDATEPosted On: Jan 14 - 5 months ago


Closet Express has been uniquely able to adapt to the changes brought about by Covid-19. A key feature of our product is the ability to order it online and install it yourself. If DIY is not your thing, that’s okay. You can still get your dream custom closet professionally installed by us.


For our safety and yours, we continue to do consultations remotely. A lot can be accomplished without a Closet Express designer being physically present in your home during the consultation phase. All you have to do is provide us with your closet dimensions and we can get started on a design. Simply fill in the form “Request For Pre-Order Drawing” and send it to us. You can also send us photos and sketches to assist in the process.


Our showroom is currently closed. However, you can still view our website Gallery which showcases our product in various applications. It’s true that many shoppers still prefer to see and touch the product before making a buying choice. However, online sales of furniture and other big-ticket items continue to grow as consumers put their faith in companies with high satisfaction ratings. Closet Express has proven to be in this category with an average 5-star Google Reviews rating.


Covid-19 has spurred many people to try their hand at DIY projects for their home. Being the only DIY custom closet source in Ontario, Closet Express is the ideal place to order and buy your quality custom closet. View our short installation video to see how our DIY-friendly closet system is put together. If you decide to go the DIY route, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Save up to 25% of the total project on labour
  • Be guided by detailed instructions and installation video
  • Have no strangers in your home
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment having assembled your own custom closet
  • Have peace of mind knowing that your custom closet is backed by a 10-year warranty


Covid-19 is still with us but don’t let it stop you from taking on that closet project you’ve been contemplating. If you have any questions, whether it’s for your master walk-in closet, kid’s reach-in closet, wardrobe cabinet, or any type of closet, we’re eager to help answer them with our knowledge and experience. Just send us a message or call us to get started on your dream custom closet project.

A World Full of DIY Custom Closet Systems

Man installing a DIY closet systemPosted On: Dec 11 - 6 months ago

A World Full of DIY Custom Closet Systems

Before there were HGTV, Home Depot, and high speed internet, doing a home improvement project was beyond the realm of possibility for most homeowners. Access to the required knowledge, materials, and inspiration was limited.

Nowadays there are so many sources to access for your project. Finding inspiration and forming ideas are only a matter of clicking your way through some websites. If you want to learn how to do a particular task there’s probably a YouTube video on it. With all this information around us it’s never been easier to do-it-yourself (DIY).

Are your closets cramped, ugly and disorganized? Are you are a DIY-er disappointed in the cheap, mass produced product offered at major retailers? The good news is there’s a local company that manufactures and sells high quality DIY-friendly custom closet systems. At Closet Express you can design and order your custom closet system online using a simple 3-step process.

Why opt for DIY when choosing a custom closet system?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how people live and work. People are spending more time at home and want to make their home more functional. While a home office is at the top of most people’s list, custom closets are also increasing in popularity. Traditional custom closet companies require at least two visits: consultation and installation. Having multiple people enter your home is not something many homeowners are comfortable with these days, and might even be against COVID-19 restrictions. No worries: by choosing Closet Express you will get the same level of quality, customization and product choice. Not sure where to start? We are here to help you with your design, consult our FAQ or contact us, we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

Only one place to shop for DIY closet systems.

Closet Express is the only store in the province where you can purchase a DIY custom closet system. Configure your closet from the 21 different section types for a truly custom solution meeting all your storage needs. Find your style with the choice of over 10 finishes and many smart accessories. Save up to 25% on labour and feel the self-satisfaction by installing it yourself. Have peace of mind with our 10 year warranty. You don’t have to be a DIY pro, either. You only need some basic tools and a little experience to accomplish the job. Watch our installation video and begin your project with confidence!

Closet Express in the age of Covid-19

RiverPosted On: May 28 - 1 year ago

Closet Express in the age of Covid-19

No doubt your life has changed in the age of Covid-19. It is our hope that you, your family, and friends are hanging in. Better days are ahead!

We have had to make some changes in response to Covid-19 restrictions implemented by government. First, we have suspended in-person consultations. Second, installations that had been already scheduled prior to the lockdown, have proceeded with our installers wearing masks and keeping physical distance. Third, our showroom is open by appointment only.

We remain open for business and are able to take care of your needs. We are able to assist with your design, manufacture your perfect closet organization solution, and install following best practices. For DIY’ers, there are no changes to your experience. If you choose to pick up your order, you can safely do so from our dock. For non-DIY’ers, in place of face-to-face meetings we can exchange all required closet information by email and phone.

Like many people, you might have more time than before. Why not tackle that closet project you’ve been thinking about for awhile now? Please explore our website and get started!

Best Wishes,


Closet Express Launches New & Improved Website

Closet Express banner imagePosted On: Oct 25 - 1 year ago

Closet Express Launches New & Improved Website

We at Closet Express are proud to launch our new and improved website! We hope you will find it easy to navigate and more helpful in finding the information you’re seeking for your custom closet project. The new site was designed and configured to meet the needs of both the DIY’er and non-DIY’er. As a DIY’er you will be able to design, build and order your dream closet in 3 easy steps. As a non-DIY’er you will be presented with options on how to go about getting your custom closet plans started with us. Please continue to browse our new website and we hope to hear from you soon!

Closet Express New Logo

closet express logoPosted On: Jan 18 - 2 years ago

Closet Express New Logo

When Closet Express was established in 2016, we didn’t spend much time thinking about a logo. Our primary concern was to build great custom closets at a fair price. We wanted to keep things simple at the beginning and our first logo reflected that. Now into our third year, we’re offering more closet solutions to suit everyone’s tastes, style and budget. So, we felt it was the right time to reflect our more sophisticated custom closet business by having a professional graphic designer create a new logo. We love it and hope you do to!

Closet Express Goes Upscale

Classic Collection closetPosted On: Jan 18 - 2 years ago

Closet Express Goes Upscale

Closet Express is proud to bring to market premium furniture-style closet organizers with many attractive and useful upgrades. For those buyers who desire a spectacular custom closet with luxury touches, they can fulfill their wish list with our Premium product line.

Our Premium custom closets feature:

  • Floor-standing drawer and shelf sections
  • Dynapro silent operating and soft-close drawer guides
  • Maple veneer drawer boxes
  • 5-piece drawer fronts in 7 different profiles and 16 colours
  • Optional 5-piece doors
  • Optional crown moulding and base moulding
  • Synergy Elite accessories by TAG Hardware
  • Dozens of handles, pulls and knobs in different finishes and sizes to choose from
  • Hourglass aluminum hanging rod with protective plastic top

Closet Express to be Featured in Season 5 of Property Brothers: Buying + Selling

closetexpress teamPosted On: Sep 12 - 2 years ago

Closet Express to be Featured in Season 5 of Property Brothers: Buying + Selling

The producers of Property Brothers: Buying + Selling were so pleased with our custom walk-in closet from Season 4/episode 10, that they called Closet Express again and asked us to supply and install a closet organization system for a master reach-in closet for a Season 5 episode!

The episode (#511) will be airing sometime in 2019 on HGTV Canada. Please check back again soon to find out the date and time.

As with the first episode we did, Drew and Jonathan were really nice to work with. They have high standards and pay close attention to details so that all parts of the reno come out looking fantastic. They were very impressed by how Closet Express was able to turn a simple bare closet into a functional and beautiful closet organization system.

Closet Design 101

Background (10)Posted On: Sep 22 - 3 years ago

Closet Design 101

When it comes to designing your dream closet, it might come easy to you, or you might not know where to start and need all the advice you can find. I have talked to people at both ends of the spectrum and in between. Most people I’ve talked to have a rough idea of how they want their closet to look and function, but just need an expert to help them with some details, offer alternatives, or just give them a second opinion. What I’ve also found is that many people underestimate their ability to design their own closet. By following a simple process, as I will explain, anyone can do it!

A functional and esthetically pleasing closet design can be realized in a few basic steps:

  1. First, take inventory of your current closet: how many feet of hanging rod do you have? Would you like to increase this (or decrease it if you need to purge some clothing)?
  2. Second, do you have a dresser, chest, armoire, etc. in your bedroom? If so, is the storage space adequate? Or, would you like to get rid of this furniture and store all your clothes in your closet? Your answer will determine how much drawer and shelf space you need in your closet.
  3. Third, is your closet large enough to accommodate your clothing storage needs/wants? If not, you might need to rethink some of your answers to the first two questions.

Organize your closet to increase its storage capacity:

If you presently have just a hanging rod and single high shelf in your closet, a custom closet organizer will greatly increase your storage capacity. Double-hanging rods double your hanging capacity within a given space. Even a tall hanging rod provides an extra shelf. For clothes meant to be folded or just tucked away, drawers, shelves, and even baskets are now possible within your closet. We offer three convenient widths in drawers and baskets: 18, 24, and 30 inches. Drawers come in 2 heights: 5 and 7-1/2 inches, and baskets in 3 heights: 6, 11, and 17 inches. We also have a 25 inch high tilt-out hamper. Our closet organizer structure is 15 inches deep, is wall mounted 82 inches high, and is at least 12 inches above the floor.

Get inspired and design your closet!

Browse through our Gallery (or other websites such as for inspirational ideas. Have a look through our 23 section designs on our Build It page. Then, make a sketch of your closet with dimensions. Be sure to use our handy measurement form (see Step 1 on our Build It page), to enter dimensions of your closet and chosen sections. If you have a walk-in closet, use one form for each wall. You can choose any of our hanging section designs between 12 and 36 inches wide in increments of 1 inch, thereby maximizing horizontal space. If you have a reach-in closet, ensure that you take into account the door opening if you’re planning on including any drawers or basket sections. If you have a walk-in closet, make sure you allow at least 24 inches from a corner when starting an adjacent section, in order to allow for access. If you’ll be using opposite walls, consider making the sections symmetrical. They don’t need to be an exact mirror image, just try to go with identical section widths and types.

Finally, go to our Accessories page to see if you need to a belt rack, pullout jewelry shelf, or valet rod, to name a few items. Plan where to mount your accessories and make sure that whatever hangs on them or goes into them will fit within the closet organizer.

Hopefully, the above information will allow you to design your dream closet that’s both functional and looks fantastic! Please contact us if you need advice or have any questions.

Closet Express introduces the VIVA collection from Tafisa.

plywoodPosted On: May 19 - 4 years ago

Closet Express introduces the VIVA collection from Tafisa.

At Closet Express we’re always searching for ways to improve and enhance our product. A major step in that direction is the introduction of the VIVA collection, the first in the new Sommet Series by Tafisa. We’re offering all 10 beautiful and vibrant colours, so you should be able to find the right look. VIVA thermally-fused laminate has the look and feel of wood with its unique texture and woodgrain structure. To see the collection for yourself go to our Build It page and click on Finishes. (Note: If you are a repeat customer and prefer to order a legacy colour, please contact us.)

GTA Home & Reno Show Experience

showroomPosted On: Feb 27 - 4 years ago

GTA Home & Reno Show Experience

The 2017 GTA Home & Reno Show at the International Centre in Mississauga, held between Feb. 17-20, was a wonderful experience for Closet Express. About 30,000 visitors came to find inspiration and get information from over 200 exhibitors. It sure was busy! Closet Express was delighted to demonstrate our unique Canadian made closet organizers, and answer all kinds of questions. People were very impressed by our gorgeous and high quality product, and were able to envision it in their own homes. The show made us realize that being able to see and touch our product is important to many people, which is why we’re pleased to announce that we will be reassembling our booth right here in the office of our manufacturing facility in Mississauga! Just call us ahead to book an appointment.

New Installation Video

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New Installation Video

If a picture is worth a 1000 words then the Closet Express installation video is worth 3300. That’s the number of words in our written installation instructions, which we have brought to life with a very helpful video we added to our website for two main reasons:

One, to help our Closet Express customers with their installation experience, and two, to show you potential Closet Express customers how straightforward it is to install our closet organization system. You don’t have to be Mike Holmes to know how to install our product. Please go to the Videos page and click on the video and see for yourself!

Closet Express to be Featured in Season 4 of Property Brothers: Buying + Selling

closetexpress membersPosted On: Nov 19 - 4 years ago

Closet Express to be Featured in Season 4 of Property Brothers: Buying + Selling

Closet Express was asked to supply and install a closet organization system for a master walk-in closet for an episode of Property Brothers: Buying + Selling being filmed in a Toronto townhouse.

Of course, we jumped at the opportunity to show off our unique, easy to install Canadian-made closet organizers on a popular TV reality series shown in Canada on HGTV. The episode (Season 4, Ep.10) aired on September 18, 2017. You can watch it here:

It was a hectic but fun experience being a part of a TV show. We made closet units for 2 opposing walls, the challenge being a sloping ceiling reducing the height of one of the walls to about 6 feet. We were able to chop 12 inches from the top of our standard 7 foot height organizer and still fit a full stack of drawers and 3 shelves on one side and a medium hanging rod plus one shelf on the other.

Another change was a request to make the drawer faces in a contrasting colour to the white used in the main pieces. We chose a rustic light brown and it turned out beautifully. We also added function with a 24-hanger pull-out pants rack, 20-hook pull-out tie rack, and 5-hook pull-out belt rack.

We got to meet the filming crew and the stars of the show, Drew and Jonathan. They were super nice guys (they are really tall!) and were nice enough to pose for a picture with the owner, Rob. It was amazing to see their talent and professionalism from in front of the camera and behind the scenes. They make it look easy. Jonathan, whose role is general contractor, quickly understood the Closet Express closet organizer system and installed the first unit in minutes. This part was filmed and you will see that almost anyone can do it!