Custom Made Bedroom Closets

Transform every bedroom closet into a functional and aesthetically pleasing space with our high-quality custom closet organizer systems. Say goodbye to settling for a basic single rod and shelf configuration in your bedroom closet. Instead, enhance your reach-in closet with increased storage capacity and superior organization.

Don’t underestimate the impact of a thoughtfully organized closet space. Embrace the transformative power of our storage solutions to rid yourself of closet clutter. Order your custom made bedroom closet today!


Your luxurious walk-in closet awaits you.

Custom Bedroom Closets

Your luxurious new walk-in closet awaits! Learn more about our custom walk in closets.

Turn your everyday closet into an organized, luxurious space for your clothes and personal items with Closet Express. Discover a solution that aligns with your budget while maintaining high-quality standards. Bid farewell to a basic storage setup and welcome an affordable yet upscale transformation. At Closet Express, we prioritize both style and practicality, ensuring your closet becomes a tailored reflection of your unique taste without stretching your budget.

With more functional space than a regular closet, you’re able to fit more in custom closets, such as extra drawers, tilt-out hampers, more feet of hanging rod, and more. Add useful accessories such as a jewelry shelf/organizer, pull-out pants rack, valet rod, scarf rack, tie rack, and more. You deserve a stunning and fully functional closet in your bedroom.

Revamp Your Overflowing Wardrobe with a Custom Bedroom Closet

Dealing with an overflowing closet? It’s the perfect moment to invest in a custom bedroom closet organizer system. Start by maximizing your storage space with a double hanging section – the first step to decluttering. If drawers are in short supply, consider incorporating a dedicated drawer and shelf section for added convenience. These simple yet effective additions can transform your closet, providing the practical solutions needed to enhance organization.

Choose from several different drawer sizes and configurations. Most closets have enough width for three sections so you might want to have a long-hanging section for dresses and long coats. In the end you will have a custom bedroom closet that looks beautiful and meets your clothing storage needs.

Custom closet

Optimize and organize your reach-in closet.

Why Choose Closet Express for Your Home

Closet Express is all about giving you choices. If you’re a DIY’er, you can install your own custom closet, saving up to 25%. Ordering on our website is an easy 3-step process and we ship to any location in Canada. If you prefer full service including professional installation, let us know about your closet and storage needs.

The Closet Express Advantage: Do It Yourself

Closet Express was created to serve the growing demand for high quality custom closet organizer systems that can be installed yourself (DIY). If you’re a DIY’er, your choices are limited. Mass produced closet kits sold in big box stores are of poor quality, aren’t customizable, come in only one or two finishes, and offer few if any accessories. But there’s good news: Closet Express is the only direct-buy manufacturer of truly customizable organizers for both walk-in and reach-in closets. And they are made in our factory in Mississauga, Ontario. Our closet organizer units are DIY-friendly and you save up to 25% by installing yourself.
View our installation video to see for yourself.

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